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Habesha Kids

▪ Providing free supplemental educational material by developing smartphone
applications that are targeted and customized for all Habesha children ages 2
through 8.

▪ Making fundamental education accessible through existing affordable resources,
such as, smartphone devices that are largely available* allowing users to utilize the
learning materials at any given time without requiring the need to purchase a
computer and have internet continuously.

▪ Assisting parents, care givers and/or educators in the child’s early developmental
stage through virtual learning opportunities.



Why Focus on early childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education: The National Association for the Education of Young
Children (NAEYC) in the U.S. defines “early childhood” as occurring before the age of
eight, and it is during this period that a child goes through the most rapid phase of growth
and development. Their brains develop faster than at any other point in their lives, so these
years are critical. The foundations for their social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world
and moral outlook are established during these years, as well as the development of
cognitive skills.
▪ Early childhood education is doubtlessly an important and fundamental stage of learning.
According to UNICEF, “investing in early childhood education can be a powerful way to
reduce gaps that often put children with low social and economic status at a disadvantage.”

▪ In today’s world, utilizing educational technologies, such as, smartphone applications
could not only teach children essential cognitive and language skills but could also
allow them to participate in alternative instructional activities – besides the
traditional teacher-centered methods.
▪ When teaching children, it is key to make the lessons enjoyable. A perfect way to do
this is through the use of mobile devices. Children love feeling grown up by using a
smartphone, and the applications are so entertaining that the children often don’t
even realize they are learning.

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